What We Do

APS Engineering brings several unique strengths to companies seeking improvements in their printing functions. These set APS Engineering apart from other providers.

Key among these strengths is a proven process-driven implementation methodology that has been tested and replicated worldwide in many demanding projects.
The industry knowledge, expertise and commitment to client satisfaction from the APS team is the cornerstone of our business and your successful project implementation.
Our team resources are fully involved in the evaluation, design, implementation and on-going management of your business solution.
Through APS Engineering and its partners, Siemens, APS-AB, and ILF Technologies, our customers have access to resources that are unmatched in the industry in terms of thought leadership, world class technology; as well as change management, process methodology and support.

APS Engineering also bring a wealth of operational integration experience which include demonstrated experience in European, North American and Indian postal services.

The APS Engineering team are focused on client satisfaction and continuous improvement.